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PhD Position Available!

The Ecosystem Chemistry Lab lead by Claudia Boot at Colorado State University is looking for a PhD student interested in working on questions of soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology funded by the WM Keck Foundation. Our aim is to understand the persistence of different types of carbohydrates and how/if they are produced or consumed by the soil microbiome. This will be a collaborative effort with three post-doctoral fellows engaged in soil microbiology, microbial physiology and genomic-based approaches to understand biochemical and ecological aspects of carbohydrate metabolism.

The student may apply through the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (ESS) Department or the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE) at CSU and will be supported through a combination of research and teaching assistantships. Qualified candidates should have a B.S. or M.S. in Ecology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science or a related field, and show a strong interest in ecosystem ecology, microbial physiology and/or biogeochemistry. An ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be able to work independently, and be available beginning in Fall 2022. The graduate student will be involved with the Boot Ecosystem Chemistry Lab the Conant Lab, and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. Access to research training will be made available in microbial physiology, bioinformatic tools, analytical chemistry and ecosystem ecology. CSU is home a variety of resources to support this research including the Next Generation Sequencing Core, the Analytical Resources Core and the EcoCore Analytical Facility. Students conducting integrative research across the microbiological/biogeochemical interface will be well placed to address globally relevant priorities in their future career interests.

CSU and the Boot Ecological Chemistry Lab has a strong commitment to our principles of community and in upholding those and in an effort to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, we encourage students from historically excluded groups to apply for the PhD position.

Applicants should send a brief letter of interest including research and career goals, a CV, and unofficial transcripts to prior to applying. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, but for full consideration please send materials by November 30, 2021.

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